about danny weiss

I never planned on becoming a photographer. In fact, I was a professional actor (yes you have seen me in something) for 10 years splitting my time between New York and LA. My wife changed the course of my life with the gift of a photography class for my birthday one year. I was immediately hooked. In a lot of ways, photography just feels like an extension of my years as an actor. Still telling stories, still expressing, still being creative.

The major bullet points:

  • Over 10 years of experience serving editorial and commercial clients.
  • Work has appeared in Bicycle Magazine, Lava Magazine, Competitor Magazine, Travel Agent Magazine among many more.
  • Equally comfortable shooting for large scale advertising needs or to fit a clients Social Media needs.
  • 2x Ironman finisher
  • Have a dream to swim the English Channel one day...

Danny Weiss Studio